What is indoor flying?

Indoor flying is the flying of radio controlled aircraft inside buildings. Usually, the aircraft are fairly small and battery powered. Both fixed wing (aeroplanes) and helicopters are flown. Any open area inside large buildings can be used. Flying can be competitive or just for fun.


Why do we love it so much?

Indoor flying is a wonderful way to relax, have fun, be creative or push your limits. As you enjoy the flying you also get to meet new people and encourage each other along the way.


It offers a wide variety of flying: Take your pick....disciplined F3P, fun-fly, creative freestyle, formation flying (for those with the nerves), and much more...


Indoor flying is relatively affordable compared to outdoor radio controlled flying.


Weather conditions do not limit flying as indoor flying is practiced in school, church or sports halls, gymnasiums, etc.


Who will enjoy indoor flying?


It's for anyone with an interest in radio controlled flying.


Beginners: Planes are very manageable, good natured and easy to land.


Intermediate: Improves your skills immensely and help you discover new types of flying.


Advanced: Opens up a whole new world of aerobatic flying, largely undiscovered. It improves your skill level to a very high standard. This provides an opportunity to those who want to express their creativity through aero-musicals. Indoor planes can do many manoeuvres that most outdoor planes can’t. There are even variable/reverse pitch planes that can fly backwards!


The SAIEA can provide you with information on all aspects of indoor electric radio controlled model aircraft.

Get an idea about indoor flying by watching this video.